Best POS Hardware - The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Best POS Hardware - The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Gone are the days when most small business owners used to have a sign on their display window or entrance door – “cash only – cards not accepted”. While we have not yet turned into a completely cashless society, there are significant studies that indicate cash is no longer king. According to the latest research:

  • 80% of consumers prefer card payments over cash.
  • 76% of consumers have at least one credit card and 63% have two or more credit cards.
  • Consumers are willing to spend up to 100% more when using a credit card.

Many such statistics show how cash is taking a back seat and cards are becoming a widely preferred payment method. Without a reliable system in place to process card payments, your business will struggle to acquire customers and have higher churn rate.

From scanning products at the point of purchase to accepting card payments, printing receipts and ringing up sales, businesses need a POS system with components that are compatible with one another to run their frontend and back office smoothly.

But if you do an online search for POS hardware, you will discover a huge pile of components like receipt printers, barcode scannerscash drawers and credit card terminals, available in a variety of sizes and styles. This comprehensive guide highlights some of the best POS hardware in the market to simplify your research process and save your time.


Every payment you process and complete at the point of sale requires a receipt. That little piece of paper is the proof of purchase for customers which not only makes for easy returns/replacements but also helps them maintain a personal record of finances. And that’s why a reliable and efficient receipt printer is a crucial part of any point of sale solution.

Here are some of the best picks for 2021:

Epson TM-U220 Impact Receipt Printer

The more powerful, enhanced and improved successors to Epson's best-selling TM-U200 series, TMU220 impact receipt printers are exceptionally versatile. All three epson tm-u220b models are designed for high efficiency and reliability and suit a wide range of applications. Two-colour (red and black) printing is available to highlight special offers for advertising purpose. Operators also get the flexibility to choose from three paper widths – 58, 70 and 76mm to avoid paper waste and save costs.

Featuring a compact and robust design, the TM-U220 printers integrate seamlessly with existing systems built around a TM-U210. Clamshell covers and drop-in paper loading allow operators to quickly replace roll paper and ribbon cassettes and get back in business. With higher print speeds, retail workers can hand receipts to customers faster so that they do not have to wait in line while restaurant kitchens can receive orders quickly, eventually resulting in better customer service.

Epson TM-T88VI Thermal Printer

Combining robust cloud support with advanced connectivity to streamline POS operations, the tmt88vi is a revolutionary thermal printer that enables merchants to deliver seamless customer experiences with a swift and hassle-free checkout. It features a sleek and compact design that fits into virtually any space-constrained environment while the blazing fast print speeds of up to 300m/s reduce wait-times and ensure maximum reliability in high-volume environments.

Also, with built-in USB and Ethernet plus Bluetooth and wireless connectivity options, merchants can manage a network of traditional PC POS, tablet and cloud-based systems together. It also gives you the flexibility to print from web-based applications through ePOS Print technology.

Epson T82 intelligent Receipt Printer

Built upon Epson reliability and quality, the T82II-i features an intelligent interface and built-in web server. Offering print speeds of up to 200mm/sec and print options to reduce paper waste, this receipt printer is an ideal choice for businesses using cloud based POS technology. The printer gives you access to a range of intelligent cloud and web-capabilities in a compact and space-saving body that easily fits into different retail or hospitality environments. The built-in intelligence makes for quick and hassle-free integration and management of table-based POS solutions, mobile POS systems, cloud services and better control over peripherals.

You can effortlessly print from any mobile/tablet device running an HTML 5 compatible web browser with no need for drivers. Epson’s ePOS technology allows you to easily communicate with external servers and send your printing jobs to your desired destination in the store. It is important to check with your POS supplier and confirm that this printer works with the POS application.

Star Micronics TSP143 Receipt Printer

Featuring a robust construction and a straightforward interface, Star TSP143 is a portable and eco-friendly thermal printer that offers a decent printing speed of 250mm/s and a long lifespan at a moderate price. With LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB connectivity as well as all drivers included, the printer makes for quick and easy set-up.

Besides offering standard USB receipt printing, the TSP143 is the first of its kind to be able to connect directly to iPad or iPhone devices via the Apple Lightning cable for printer communication and simultaneous charging. With its powerful futurePRNT Windows software integration, merchants can enhance printed receipts to add logos and coupons, print multiple copies, replace printed information and do much more.

Bixolon SRP330 Receipt Printer

Bixolon SRP330 is one of the most economical monochrome direct thermal printing models that offers high performance and reliability with print speeds of up to 220mm/s. The cube-shaped printer is affordably priced and carefully designed to save space. The SRP330 is available in two models with print resolution of 180dpi and 203dpi along with an optional paper guide that enables merchants to automatically switch between 2-inch or 3-inch width media, ensuring easy paper loading.

Equipped with paper saving options, the SRP330 can reduce the length of a receipt up to 25%, minimising paper waste and saving costs. It is also supplied with Bixolon’s All-In-One Plus™ Interface; either dual interface support (USB + Ethernet) or triple interface support (USB + Ethernet + Serial). The printer also has a unique label plate to the bottom of the device which includes QR details of technical support.

In addition to the above-mentioned choices, receipt printers like Epson TM-T82III, Epson TM-T82IIIL, Epson TM-m30, Star Micronics TSP654,Star Micronics TSP743, Star Micronics SP742and Posiflex AURA8800 also share a good reputation in the market for their high-speed throughput and cutting-edge printing capabilities that are particularly suited to restaurants, retail stores and hospitality businesses.

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Barcodes allow businesses to simplify inventory tracking and management, optimise work processes, streamline data collection, efficiently manage resources, and gain better control of maintenance operations. Each product in retail stores is labelled and categorised by its unique barcode and a barcode scanner simply reads those barcodes so that the products can be rung up on the point of sale system. Barcode scanners eliminate the need for sales staff to manually type in SKUs, UPCs, and other unique product details which significantly increases accuracy, saves time and speeds up the checkout process.

The following are some effective and affordable options you can choose from:

Zebra LS2208 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra LS2208, previously known as a Symbol and Motorola barcode scanner, is engineered to deliver fast, reliable scanning in rigorous environments at a moderate price. It features a lightweight, ergonomic design which reduces user fatigue and maximises comfort, allowing employees to be more efficient and productive. In addition to design, the scanner’s robust and durable single-board construction eliminates the most common challenge - the interconnection of ribbon cables between multiple circuit boards. It also features a scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window, a stringent drop and tumble specification and the patented frictionless liquid polymer scan element that adds essential shock protection and ensure reliable operation, all-day every day.

With a wide working range, employees can quickly capture the everyday 13 mil UPC barcodes on items in near contact to 17 inches away. Its aggressive scanning capabilities make it a perfect solution for retail, hospital or warehouse environments. Moreover, the plug-and-play installation makes for easy and hassle-free deployment of the Zebra LS2208 while its intuitive, user-friendly design minimises setup and training time. With multiple on-board interfaces, the LS2208 can easily integrate with a variety of host systems.

Zebra CS3070 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The innovative, user-friendly model of the Zebra CS3000 Series, Zebra CS3070 cordless barcode scanner is designed for fast and accurate data capturing. With the CS3070, small businesses where mobility or the cost and size of a traditional scanning device is a challenge, can easily implement 1D laser scanning at a competitive price. The scanner comes in a compact and lightweight form, allowing it to efficiently fit into a pocket or lanyard. The simple two-button interface requires virtually no training to operate, making for easy deployment and training while grooves make for comfortable hand and finger positioning and soft rubber buttons add convenience to even the most rigorous scanning tasks.

The CS3070 can be utilised in two modes - a standalone mode for the batch scanning of barcodes and Bluetooth mode for real-time capturing and transmission of data to a host application via a wireless connection to smartphones, laptops and more.

Honeywell Voyager 1250g Barcode Scanner

The Voyager 1250g single-line laser barcode scanner belongs to the industry-leading Voyager series of Honeywell scanners optimised for fast scanning, easy handling and maximum comfort. The Voyager 1250g’s ergonomic design fits comfortably in most hands, minimising user fatigue and increasing work convenience and efficiency.

An extended depth of field allows the staff to scan out-of-reach items while the advanced laser scanning technology makes the capturing of even damaged or poorly printed barcodes easier. This minimises the need for manual data entry, resulting in enhanced productivity and fewer errors. Adding to the productivity is an easy-to-assemble stand which helps employees to take advantage of hands-free scanning in applications that benefit from being able to use both hands. Quick and easy stand assembly and automatic in-stand detection and configuration also simplify the setup process.

If you are looking for even better 1D/2D scanning performance in busy point of sale environments without spending too much, you might want to consider another durable and reliable solution from the same Honeywell Voyager series – 1450g. It ensures omnichannel reading of linear barcodes and gives you the ability to upgrade the device to enable PDF and 2D barcode scanning at any point in time. Furthermore, merchants that are used to Zebra’s simplicity and affordability can opt for Zebra DS2208 scanner which is optimised for ease of use, quick deployment and a seamless wireless experience.


Despite a rapid increase in credit/debit card transactions at stores, restaurants and businesses alike, cash drawers remain a vital part of the POS system. They have different compartments for coins and bills which allow cashiers to count and deliver customer change quickly and accurately. Cash drawer are typically made of metal to withstand everyday wear and tear, but it’s common for them to need replacements in the form of spare keys, mounting brackets or tills.

Our best picks for cash drawers include:

Nexa CB-710 Cash Drawer

Featuring a compact design and small footprint, Nexa CB-710 is a 4-note and 8-coin cash drawer that delivers outstanding value in small point of sale spaces. Its robust steel construction ensures long-term function and durability you can rely on. This cash drawer comes with a 3-position lock and an industry standard RJ-11 connector that works with all receipt printers.

VPOS EC410 Cash Drawer

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality and durability standards, VPOS EC410 cash drawer features 5 compartments for note, 8 compartments for coin and 2 cheque slots to help operators keep cash organised and handy. It is made of heavy grade steel to provide the stability and strength to hold up to daily use in the most demanding of environments. You can connect the cash drawer to a receipt printer with a RJ12 cable supplied with the device. The EC410 drawer automatically opens each time a sale is rung up for ease of use; keys are also included to open the drawer manually.

VPOS EC350 24V Cash Drawer

Another cost-effective option for space-constrained environments, this durable cash drawer from VPOS consists of 4 note holders and 8 coin slots and 2 cheque/media slots to ensure efficient handling and delivery of cash and customer change. In addition to robust steel construction, adding under counter brackets allow for easy and neat installation while giving extra security to the drawer.

Nexa CB910 Cash Drawer

A popular upgrade to the reliable heavy duty Nexa CB900 cash drawers, the CB910 features 5 note holders and 8 coin holders and an RJ-11 connector that connects to all major receipt printers like TM-T88, Epson TM-T81, Epson TM-T82, Epson TM-T20 and Star TSP100. This cash drawer is designed to open electronically and can also use a key to be opened manually. The all metal construction withstands even the most demanding point of sale environments.


Not typically a component of a point of sale system, cash registers are standalone payment processing machines commonly seen in traditional departmental stores and small establishments. A cash register is an all-in-one hardware that handles customer payments at the till and is not connected to any computerised electronic point of sale equipment. It includes a built-in receipt printer and cash drawer and has limited ability to integrate with other features or peripherals.

Here are some of the best cash registers from our research and review:

SAM4S ER-180U Basic Cash Register

A compact model designed to meet the basic needs of small businesses, the SAM4S ER-180U is an economical cash register equipped with a fast, quiet thermal receipt printer. It gives you an option to enable and disable receipt printing to only issue receipt when a customer asks for it, reducing paper waste. Its small footprint makes for space efficiency in environments with limited point of sale area while thermal printing function offers outstanding value to a wide range of retail and hospitality businesses. It has an intuitive interface with an eight-character LED front and rear display and 48 position raised-key keyboard with 16 programmable departments.

With more robust features than its predecessor - ER-180T, the ER-180U is an excellent entry level cash register for businesses of all sizes.

CASIO SE-G1M Cash Register

Replacing the 140CR, the Casio SE-G1M is the entry level cash register with a large 4-note and 8-coin metal cash drawer. It features a large 8-digit LCD display that offers high visibility for store staff and customers to easily view and confirm sales transactions. SE-G1 registers are the first of their kind to be equipped with a thermal printer that offers quiet operation and outstanding output. Drop-in paper loading mechanism, on the other hand, allows for smooth replacement of print media and ease of maintenance.

The register will be up and running quickly with minimal training – thanks to its user-friendly keyboard design and straightforward interface. With TAX PGM key, it is easier to print tax invoice receipts with current date and time using an interactive menu.

CASIO SES400 Cash Register

Built on the popularity of the previous SE series, Casio SES400 cash register features a stylish design and multiple functions for effective operation. A 10-line LCD with a tilt mechanism allows the operator to adjust the display screen at a desired angle to ensure maximum viewability while the back light ensures efficient operation even in dark environments. The register also includes an alpha-numeric pop-up customer confirmation display to ensure high visibility for the customer during the checkout.

The SES400 comes with an anti-bacterial raised keyboard with 25 department keys that can be specifically beneficial for restaurants and hospitality environments. With an SD card slot, you can easily back up your sales data and view it in CSV format on your computer.


The monitor is a major component of every POS system that displays the sales staff all the information related to a transaction in progress. As items are scanned and added, the staff can view the list of items, price, tax, savings, subtotals, totals and any other applicable information related to the customer purchase. The monitor works in conjunction with point of sale software and other hardware peripherals such as cash drawer, scanner, printer and keyboard (unless it’s a touch-screen monitor).

Merchants can choose from a variety of monitors to add to their POS system like touch screen monitor and standalone touch monitors.

The following are our best recommendations for POS monitors:

VPOS 137 Touch Monitor

The 17-inch touch monitor from the popular VPOS 130 series, this slim and lightweight POS display screen boasts a user-friendly and flexible design. The flexible screen can be adjusted from 4 to 90 degrees for the operator’s ease of visibility. You can add optional POS peripherals like a magnetic card reader, flush mount VFD screen and fingerprint scanner to enhance your point of sale functionality.

Nexa 17" Touch Monitor

This one is a sturdy touch monitor ideal for a range of POS applications and tough business environments. It is built on a heavyweight base to ensure steady operation which also hides in a power supply to reduce counter clutter. The touch panel is designed to withstand 35 million touches, ensuring reliable operation in the long run. You can opt to integrate a magnetic card reader and a customer display for even better functionality and seamless customer experience.


A POS terminal is the core equipment typically set up at the point of purchase to process payments in order to complete a purchase. Years ago, cash registers were the only POS terminal for merchants; they are still available and used by many grocery stores, department stores and traditional businesses, but modern POS terminals have left cash registers way behind in terms of functionality, reliability and performance. They are much more sophisticated and when paired with the right software, POS terminals can help merchants do more than just processing payments.

Our top picks for POS terminals include:

NEXA J150 15" PCAP POS Terminal

Designed to meet the transforming needs of retail and hospitality businesses, NEXA J150 touch screen POS terminal offers value for money. It features a sleek sophisticated design with smooth curved surfaces which add to the aesthetics of modern POS environments. Installing NEXA J1550 POS terminals is quite easy and quick as it includes all necessary accessories to get up and running instantly. In addition, it gives merchants the flexibility to choose from countertop, wall or pole mounting options to suit their business environment.

Besides its aesthetic and space-saving design, the J150 features a metal base which makes for maximum stability and a PCAP touch that allows the terminal to withstand physical wear and tear without getting damaged in most demanding environments.

NEXA NP-1652 POS Terminal

The NP-1652 is another popular POS terminal from NEXA designed for industry-leading performance and maximum reliability in modern retail and restaurant environments. Its robust aluminium construction makes for better stability while the optional RFID wristband reader allows operators to log in quickly saving their time.

When it comes to installation, NEXA NP-1652 offers multiple options from countertop set up to wall or pole mounting which help save space in small work environments. For added flexibility, the stand includes a hinge at the screen and at the base. The removable part of the base allows some compact printers to easily fit into the space underneath the screen to reduce footprint. Moreover, this all-in-one solution comes pre-installed with Windows 10 IOT operating system and is backed by a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

NEXA NP-2160 15" POS Terminal

NEXA NP-2160 is an advanced POS terminal with a sleek and sophisticated design that suits most of the modern retail and hospitality environments. Competitively priced but not at the cost of performance, this premier POS terminal from NEXA features a 15-inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel that can easily withstand everyday scratches and tear and wear. The terminal comes with a 64GB SSD (upgradeable)
and 4GB RAM memory for higher storage and faster and efficient operation. Other features include toolless motherboard/ram/SSD replacement in 45 seconds, hidden power supply to add to a clutter-free setting and a dual hinge design that enablesthe entire terminal to fold down into a 6.5cm thick form.


When talking about POS hardware, we cannot go without POS bundles. While some businesses have the time, budget and/or need to purchase each hardware component separately, others may benefit from investing in a curated combination of essential hardware, software and supplies that will help to keep their point of sale operation running smoothly and efficiently.

There are endless choices of POS bundles at POS Plaza for merchants to choose from depending upon different factors including business sector, size of business, environment and more.

Listed below are some top-rated POS bundles from leading hospitality & retail APPS:


Packed with customisable features and cloud-based functionalities, Vend is one of the most popular POS solutions available in the market. Though Vend does not offer a free subscription, merchants do have choices of plans starting at $99 per month which provide access to comprehensive reporting and inventory management features and a variety of eCommerce integrations.

Vend’s simple and intuitive interface allows employees to quickly and easily learn to use the software, reducing training costs and time. Vend POS integrates seamlessly with existing and new hardware and is designed to run on PC, Mac and iPad so that you can sell to your customer from anywhere.

If you are currently using Vend POS, we can provide you with compatible hardware to get better performance out of your existing point of sale system. You can pick a separate hardware component like Zebra barcode scanner or Star Micronics thermal receipt printer or you can simply invest in an all-in-one Vend bundle including receipt printer, cash drawer and paper rolls, that works seamlessly with iPad, Mac or PC devices.

Check out Vend Compatible POS Hardware at


Free to start, easy to set up and use – Square offers a huge spectrum of simple yet powerful point of sale features at a pricing that is hard to beat. With Square POS software, you can turn your exiting devices into a complete POS system without having to purchase any extra hardware.

At POS Plaza, we offer a range of Square POS compatible hardware solutions that ensure easy and quick connection to iPad, smartphone or tablet devices, allowing mobile businesses like food trucks or boutique clothing stores to process payments on the go. If you run a small mobile business with limited point of purchase space, adding a portable and compact Socket Mobile scanner and/or Star Micronics Bluetooth printer to your Square POS setup will help speed up and streamline different processes including checkout and inventory management. As your business grows, you can benefit from integrating other hardware peripherals like an iPad mounting system, a rotating kiosk or Star Micronics receipt thermal printers. The level of versatility, reliability and durability our Square hardware and bundles offer, makes them a common favourite of small business owners.

Find the best Square compatible hardware for your business here -


With a reputation of a powerful eCommerce platform, Shopify is a popular choice for brick-and-mortar merchants who want to integrate their bricks and mortar store with online. Its powerful eCommerce integrations and point of sales tools allow you to seamlessly manage in-store and online selling from one place. Shopify solution comes at an affordable basic subscription fee and processing fees which vary from plan to plan.

You can sell through multiple social media channels and marketplaces including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and eBay. It provides access to plenty of sales, employee & inventory management features, loyalty programs and reporting tools that help you streamline both online and offline business operations.

With the right suite of Shopify compatible hardware offered at POS plaza, you can make the most out of your Shopify point of sale app. From flexible iPad stands to fast, compact Bluetooth receipt printers and carefully curated hardware bundles with a receipt printer, cash drawer and paper rolls, we have everything you need to process payments anywhere you want and provide exceptional shopping experiences to both offline and online customers.

To browse our Shopify compatible hardware bundles, visit

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The capabilities of modern POS systems are seemingly limitless. Being able to keep track of your inventory, best-selling products, most productive employees, daily sales and everything in between allows you to optimise your business operations for maximum efficiency and seamless customer experience. However, it takes the right combination of hardware and software for a POS system to streamline your business transactions and sales.

Whether you want to buy a brand new POS system for your start-up or upgrade your existing solution, it is important to look for features that are especially built to benefit your type of business operation. Since your choice of hardware can impact the overall ease of use and performance of your sales staff, you must consider more than just the costs. POS Plaza not only offers industry leading POS hardware but also helps business owners narrow down their overwhelming choices to just the right solution. If the abovementioned information does not help you much, our team is always ready to answer your questions and help you gain a better understanding of what type of POS solution your business needs.

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