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How to Choose the Right Receipt Printer

Posted by Tanuj Rastogi on 4th Feb 2021

Receipts are an integral part of any transaction, as they serve as proof that the transaction has been completed. While the popularity of digital receipts is certainly on the rise, physical receipt … read more

All You Need to Know About Hybrid POS Systems

Posted by Tanuj Rastogi on 21st Jan 2021

POS systems have slowly yet steadily become an essential part of businesses that have direct transactions with customers. Bulky cash registers have been replaced with sleek and versatile POS systems … read more

A Complete Guide to POS Systems for Retail

Posted by Tanuj Rastogi on 18th Jan 2021

Retail businesses are an invaluable part of the supply chain for nearly every consumer industry and niche, serving as the direct contact point for general consumers. They connect the gap between whole … read more