• Pitfalls Every Retail Business Should Avoid

    Do you know due to a growing competition in the retail industry only 47% of retail businesses successfully survive longer than four years? And others just have to face the aftermath of their mistakes.

    Also, a study shows that half of all retail businesses end up closing their stores in their first two years owing to small and bug slipups they make in their retail operations. These mistakes lead to incompetency, frustration and failure.

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  • Is Your POS Software Optimised to Improve Your Customer Service?

    Long back when POS technology was invented, POS systems became synonymous with cash registers. However, the innovation has come a long way since then as the technology continued to progress. Over recent years, the retail industry has been introduced to some of the best POS innovations of all times. Innovations that are much more than modern cash registers designed to process transactions and sales.

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