Choosing the Right Epson Receipt Printer for Your Business Needs

Choosing the Right Epson Receipt Printer for Your Business Needs

Receipt printing in the modern-day business world remains relevant as receipts serve as proof of transactions. It provides customers with a physical record of their purchase. Often referred to as payment slips, these receipts contain purchase-related information like product name, date and time of purchase, total amount with tax breakup, and more. Used primarily in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses where customers purchase products/services, these are specialised devices used to print payment slips for customers after every transaction. An integral hardware component of a point of sale (POS) system, receipt printers helps businesses streamline the transaction process.

In the fast-paced modern-day business world, especially in retail businesses, the relevance of receipt printers cannot be overlooked. Point of sale (POS) receipt printers help expedite the checkout process at retail stores that provide customers with a smooth shopping experience. Besides, modern receipt printers come with upgraded features including wireless connectivity, touchscreens, and mobile device compatibility. These features allow businesses to enhance their overall efficiency, minimise their operational costs, and provide customers with a more seamless transaction experience.

When it comes to point of sale (POS) receipt printing, Epson receipt printers are a popular name. Known for their superior quality and reliable printing performance, Epson receipt printers are a popular option in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries. With several models including thermal and impact printers, Epson is known for its flexibility in printing. These printers mostly feature auto-cutters, multiple interfaces, and easy-to-use software, making them user-friendly and efficient. Hence, if you are looking for a versatile and reliable receipt printer that offers superior printing solutions, Epson is the brand you can rely on.

In this blog, we have enlisted 5 popular receipt printers from Epson to help you determine which the perfect option for your business is.

5 Bestselling Epson Receipt Printers

1. Epson TM-U220B Dot Matrix Receipt Printer- USB & Auto Cut: If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and durable receipt printer option, then the Epson TM-U220B Dot Matrix Receipt Printer is a great option for you. Known for its compact design and high print speed (up to 4.7 lines per second), this receipt printer comes with an automatic cutter that can print one original and two copies. The printer also supports a drop-in and paper load feature, making the process of replacing paper rolls effortless. Also, the Epson TM-U220B dot matrix receipt printer is compatible with most point of sale (POS) software .
2. Epson TM-T82III Thermal Receipt Printer-Ethernet & USB: Perfect for businesses that have mid-level transaction volume, this high speed receipt printer with advanced print head reliability is the device for you. Capable of printing at a speed of 250mm/sec, an MCBF of 60 million lines, and an auto cutter life of 1.5 million cuts, the Epson TM-T82III thermal receipt printer supports easy-to-use features and a paper-saving functionality, reducing paper usage by 30%. The Ethernet interface allows it to print receipts from multiple pos terminals.
3. Epson TM-TM2III Thermal Receipt Printer Serial/USB: With a print speed of 250mm/sec and a print resolution of 203 DPI, this thermal receipt printer offers quick setup and is easy-to-use and maintain. It offers a standard 2-year return to base warranty, MCBF of 60 million lines and comes with an auto-cutter with 1.5 million cuts, making the device reliable for high volume transactions. The device comes with a USB cable for a USB-serial model and can easily be used to print logos, coupons, and barcodes. Besides, the paper saving functionality that the device offers is an added advantage.
4. Epson TM-T82IIIL Thermal Receipt Printer USB: If you have low transaction volumes but require fast print speed, the TM-T82IIIL is the perfect choice for you. Known to deliver quality prints, this reliable device delivers an MCBF of 60 million lines and an auto cutter life of 1.5 million cuts. This receipt printer offers a print speed of 250mm/sec and 203 DPI print resolution, is easy-to-useand maintain, and usually comes with a setup guide, paper roll, and AC cable along with the USB cable.
5. Epson Printer TM-M30II USB/Ethernet/Bluetooth: This simple, compact cube-design receipt printer comes with a small footprint and offers a print speed of up to 250mm/s and 203 DPI. It has a paper near-end sensor, and enhanced mechanism, and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. This mobile point of sale (mPOS) device is feature-rich and offers USB, Ethernet, and optional Bluetooth connectivity along with Server Direct Print (SDP) and Cloud (OMS) intelligent functionality. The TM-M30II also comes with a flexible drop-in paper loading and is easy to install and use.

Wrapping Up,

Before zeroing in on the device you would purchase for your receipt printing needs, make sure you look into the

Factors to Consider while Purchasing a Receipt Printer

1. Printing Technology: Receipt printing ideally incorporates two printing technologies- thermal printing and dot matrix/impact printing. Dot Matrix receipt printers use an ink ribbon to transfer ink to paper when the printhead with pins impacts the ribbon. On the other hand, thermal printers use heat to transfer ink to paper. Compared to dot matrix printers, thermal printers are faster and quieter, and are known to produce high-resolution prints. However, you can choose your device depending on your business needs.
2. Connectivity: Starting from USB to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and serial port, receipt printers offer all kinds of connectivity options for point of sale (POS) integration. Therefore, ensure that the device you pick is compatible with the rest of your point of sale (POS) hardware components and can easily be integrated with your point of sale (POS) software to ensure a seamless business operation.
3. Speed: Considering the print speed is an unavoidable factor. Devices offering fast print speed help reduce wait times for customers and enhance business efficiency.
4. Durability: Like every other hardware device, receipt printers are subjected to wear and tear depending on your usage. Therefore, make sure the device you pick can withstand heavy use. Check for its build quality, robustness, and reliability while purchasing. Most importantly, check for the warranty the device offers and its track of longevity.
5. Cost: Finally, the most important factor that you need to consider is the cost of the device. Know that cheaper devices often involve long-term maintenance costs and consumable costs. Therefore, besides considering your budget, pick the device that strikes a good balance between price and performance.


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