Smart Shopping: Tips for Buying the Perfect Cash Drawer for Your Business

Smart Shopping: Tips for Buying the Perfect Cash Drawer for Your Business

Point of sale (POS) systems, as we know, are an integral part of every modern-day business that offers multiple features and functionalities to streamline transactions, track and manage inventory, and enhance overall business efficiency. For point of sale (POS) systems to function seamlessly, a combination of powerful software and a few sturdy hardware components are required, cash drawers being an integral device. These cash drawers are usually connected to receipt printers or cash registers and are electronically controlled. They open only after the completion of a valid transaction, preventing theft and recording cash flow in and out of the drawer.

Cash drawers provide a secure and systematic way to store cash and other valuable items, and; are an integral part of every retail or service-oriented business. Evolving from simple wooden boxes to modified electronic systems with advanced features, cash drawers have come a long way.

Cash drawers originated in the 19 th century when businesses required a robust storage unit to organise and store cash securely. Earlier, these boxes were made of wood and had a simple locking mechanism which was operated manually. With advancements in technology, cash drawers became more advanced. Therefore, mechanical cash registers were introduced in the 20th century which came with in-built cash drawers that had to be operated by pulling a lever or pressing a button. Most retail stores, restaurants, and other service-oriented businesses used mechanical cash registers till the introduction of electronic cash registers in the 1970s.

With electronic cash registers came advanced cash drawer systems that included features like automatic locking mechanisms, programmable access codes, and also biometric security systems. In recent times, cash drawers are used not just in retail stores or restaurants but also in banks, bars, and hotels. Even though cashless payments are trending, there still are businesses that rely on cash transactions, making cash drawers an essential hardware component of their daily operations.

In this blog, we have enlisted some tips to consider while purchasing a cash drawer.

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Tips to Consider Before Purchasing a Cash Drawer

1. Dimensions: Hardware components in a retail store cannot be placed anywhere, especially something as crucial as a cash drawer. Therefore, the first factor you need to consider while purchasing a cash drawer would be to inspect the dimensions of the area where you would be placing the device. Ensure that you do not place your cash drawer on top of the checkout counter but instead purchase a device that fits under the counter yet is accessible. Also, make sure you do not purchase a huge device that will not just occupy more space but would require extra effort to keep it organised.

2. Security: You would by default want to store your hard-earned cash securely and perfectly guarded. Despite having a designated employee looking after the cash counter constantly, having additional security features in a cash drawer is always an added advantage. While purchasing your cash drawer, ensure that the material is robust, cold-rolled coil steel being the most preferred material. Having a sturdy material ensures protection against scratches and dents in the long run. Another essential security feature is to have a sensor to detect open drawers which will ensure that the cash isn’t left un-monitored even by mistake. Also, make sure that the cash drawer you choose comes with a quality lock to ensure maximum security.

3. Customisability: Cash drawers store all kinds of currency including coins where the size of different denominations would vary sometimes depending on the country. Therefore, purchasing a customisable drawer is beneficial as it can accommodate currency notes of different sizes. Make sure that the cash drawer you purchase comes with adjustable compartments.

4. Compatibility: Cash drawers are used not just to store cash and coins but also cheques, cards, coupons, and more, depending on the nature of your business operations. Therefore, the device you pick should have space to store other transactional material. Advanced cash drawers have designated space for cheques and slits for cards and coupons, allowing your employee to simply slide into the card compartment without having to open the drawer.

5. Durability: Attending customers and providing them with a seamless shopping experience is a demanding task. As a business owner, you would not want your employee to deal with other issues such as a faulty drawer while attending to customers. Ensure that the cash drawer you choose comes with a warranty.

6. Connectivity: In this technologically advanced world where every device can be integrated with each other, you need to ensure that the cash drawer you purchase can be integrated with the rest of your point of sale (POS) hardware components perfectly. Advanced cash drawers come with connectivity options.

7. Cost: Budget is the most important factor when purchasing any device. Although there are good cash drawers available at affordable prices, there is no limit on how expensive these devices can get. And oftentimes, expensive cash drawers come with advanced features, of which you might not need them all.

8. Power: While purchasing the cash drawer, consider the type of power it requires. In case you choose a manual device, you need not worry. But, there are some drawers that can be powered through your computer via printers or USB interface.

9. Aesthetics: Cash drawers are available in different colours, sizes, and styles, including fliptop cash drawers, printer/terminal-driven cash drawers, and serial/USB cash drawers. Therefore, while purchasing your cash drawer, decide the aesthetics of the device you want.

Wrapping Up,

Now that we have enlisted the factors that you need to consider while purchasing a cash drawer , you need to determine where to purchase the device from.

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