Buy Pre-curated POS Bundles & Save

Buy Pre-curated POS Bundles & Save

A powerful tool for any and every business that sells directly to customers is a point of sale (POS) system. They conduct transactions, accept payments, print receipts, and aid in inventory management. Based on the POS software, there can be additional capabilities for inventory management, employee management, customer relationship management, accounting, taxes, analytics, promotions and more.

A POS system typically involves several components, such as the operating system, monitor, barcode scanner, cash drawer, EFTPOS, andreceipt printers, with optional additional hardware. If you are looking for your first POS system for a new business, or are upgrading for an existing business, a POS bundle is a great option.

The popularity of POS bundles has grown rapidly, since it is a convenient and cost-effective way to setup an entire POS system without having to buy individual components. Here is a guide to help you understand POS bundles and their benefits so you can consider if it is a good fit for you.

What is a POS Bundle?

A POS bundle or POS package is an all-in-one set of multiple point of sale system components. This can include the hardware, software, accessories and consumable. There are a wide range of POS bundles available to suit businesses in different industries, specific POS software, and to complement existing POS items. There are POS bundles available in a variety of price points.

These bundles are an excellent way to conveniently and quickly setup a POS system, without having the hassles of choosing individual items. Also, with a POS bundle, you can rest assured that all the components are compatible. While you can purchase each item separately, it can take considerable time, effort, and money. Based on your requirements, you can add extra POS components and accessories to a POS bundle.

Components of a POS Bundle

The abundant varieties of POS bundles give you immense flexibility. There are POS bundles with a few limited products, as well as those with several products. Components that are frequently included in POS bundles can be classified as hardware components, accessories, and consumables.

1. Hardware Components

The hardware components are the biggest parts of a POS bundle, as they tend to have the highest value.

  • POS Terminal: The core behind any POS setup is the operating system where the POS software will run. This includes iPads, Tablets, registers, and dedicated POS terminal devices.
  • Display Screens: For dual display functionality, there can be an additional display screen or monitor.
  • Scanner: Barcode scanners are often included with retail POS bundles as they are used to scan and identify products purchased and begin the transaction.
  • Cash Drawer: Despite all new payment modes, cash is still a popular choice. To support cash payments, a cash drawer is used to securely store cash.
  • Receipt printers: After a transaction is entered, receipts are needed, and for that, most POS bundles include receipt printers. For hospitality and restaurants, there may be two receipt printers, so that one receipt can be printed in the kitchen for staff, and the other for the customer.

The hardware components in a POS bundle are all compatible, and generally feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. The overall cost of a POS bundle is generally cheaper than all of the individual components combined.

2. POS Accessories

The POS accessories that are included in POS bundles are selected for their value as a support to the POS hardware components. Popular options include wall stands, wall mounts, pivoting mounts, rotating kiosks, security belts, and other types of stands and docks for POS hardware. These accessories are compatible to the hardware components and increase accessibility and convenience, especially in areas with limited counter space. POS accessories can also be targeted at improving mobility of the POS system.

3. Consumables

Typically, consumables in POS bundles include receipt printing rolls, label rolls, printer ribbons, inks or toners. Since the consumables are a part of the POS bundle, they are compatible with the included printers.

Types of POS Bundles

The point of sale technology has evolved, and there are more options than ever before, in terms of features, designated applications, software providers, operating systems, and payment modes. There are several different types of POS bundles available, so that you can easily choose the package that suits your needs the best. These are the broad classifications of POS bundles:

  • Industry Specific

POS systems are widely used by numerous industries, since any business that conducts transactions with customers can benefit from a POS system. The industry-specific POS bundles include dedicated packages for restaurants, hospitality, retail, and omnichannel sales. 

There are specialised POS bundles for restaurants, along with designated TouchBistro compatible POS bundles and Uber Eats compatible POS bundles. Hospitality compatible bundles are typically quieter and have large cash drawers. For omnichannel sales on eCommerce and in-store platforms, there are Shopify compatible POS bundles. In large spaces, remote POS bundles can be suitable.

  • Software Specific

POS software is a vital part of a POS setup and requires compatible hardware components. There are several leading brands of POS software available, and if you have chosen a particular software, you can opt for a compatible POS bundle. Dedicated POS bundles are available for leading POS software such as Vend, Kounta, Square Register and Retail Express. These bundles are suited for the particular software and are a great way to quickly setup a POS system, without having to verify the compatibility of each individual component.

  • Operating System Based

If you have not yet decided on POS software or want flexibility, then you can consider an operating system specific POS bundle. There are Android, iOS, and Windows specific POS bundles. Also, there are bundles available for operating system devices such as tablets, iPads, laptops, and desktops. An operating system or device specific POS bundle includes components that can easily be connected and integrated.

  • Payment Mode Specific

Accepting payments is one of the core objectives of a POS system. There are plenty of payment modes currently available in the market, with mobile and online payments gaining rapid popularity. POS bundles are available to support payment options such as Square. These POS bundles include all the standard components of a POS system, including cash drawers, but are compatible with online payment modes.

  • Item Based

If you have an existing POS setup or selected components already, and don’t want to invest in an entirely new POS system, then consider an item-based POS bundle. The item-based POS bundles are available in a variety of combinations, consisting of different POS components such as printers, cash boxes, scanners, and print rolls. Based on the components you already have, you can choose a suitable POS bundle to complete your POS system.


Over the years, the popularity of POS bundles has grown amongst businesses of all kinds and industries. There are significant benefits of purchasing a POS bundle or package, as compared to buying each component individually. Here are the top benefits:

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is a major concern with POS systems. All of the POS components need to be compatible with each other, and they should suit your POS software, and meet your business needs. The extensive range of POS bundles available ensures that there is a suitable package for every business and software.

Whether you select your POS software later, or have one pre-chosen, you can easily find a compatible POS bundle. Each of the individual components of a POS bundle are checked and verified to make sure they are compatible and offer cohesive results. Any additional POS components can be added to your POS bundle as per need.

2. Convenience

A POS system has multiple components and it can take time and effort to search for each item individually and then purchase. With a POS bundle, you get all the necessary components in a single package. This has greater convenience and is also faster than purchasing each component separately. Since printing rolls and accessories are included in select POS bundles, your POS system is ready to be used out of the box.

3. Cost-efficiency

Although the overall price of a POS bundle may appear to be high, it is a lot more cost-efficient. POS bundles typically have discounted rates for each of the POS components, giving you a more affordable total cost for the POS system. The items are paired based on compatibility and so there are no additional costs for integrating the individual components together.

How to Choose a POS Bundle

With the variety of POS bundles available, it can be challenging on how to choose the right package for your business. When selecting a POS bundle, consider the following factors:

  • Reliability: A POS bundle is a large investment, and so it is important you buy a POS bundle from reputed sellers. Check the individual components of the bundle, and any add-ons you are receiving. A reliable seller can guide you in the selection process and provide adequate aftercare and support.
  • Compatibility: Have you already chosen a POS software? Do you have POS hardware components already? Choose a POS bundle that is compatible with any existing POS components and with your chosen POS software. Check the connectivity and integration if you want to link additional business tools to the POS system in the future.
  • Features: What are the features of the POS bundle? How many components are included? Some POS packages are more suited for particular industries and applications. Consider a POS bundle that is specific for your industry.
  • Easy to Use: An overly complicated POS system can be difficult to use and operate, creating difficulties for you and your staff in the future. Check the user-friendliness of the POS bundle and compare it with how much training you want your staff to require for operating the POS system.
  • Scalability: A POS bundle is generally suited to set up a single POS terminal. Consider how many POS terminals you want to install now and in the future. What are your plans for expansion? Some POS bundles are more suited for expansion while others are a one-stop solution that can be challenging to scale up.
  • Cost: For any business, costs are an important consideration when making a purchase. Depending on your budget, you can find a suitable POS bundle that is affordable while still meeting your needs. If you have a larger budget, you can choose more comprehensive POS bundles or those with more sophisticated components.

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A popular alternative to individual POS components, POS bundles are a great way to easily and efficiently set up a good quality POS system in a fraction of the time. There are a diverse range of POS bundles available to suit all business needs and software types.

Modern POS bundles and packages can include everything from hardware components and accessories to consumables such as printing rolls. To supplement an existing POS setup, there are smaller POS bundles, while for a new POS system, there are larger bundles and packages.

POS Plaza has a vast variety of POS bundles available, to suit all business needs. There is industry specific, software specific, operating system based, and payment mode specific POS bundles. Reach out to us with your POS needs, and our team can help you find an ideal solution within your budget.