Zebra Symbol DS9208 2D Barcode Scanner Kit - Replaced By DS9308

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Zebra Symbol DS9208 2D Barcode Scanner Kit with USB Interface

The Zebra DS9208 Barcode Scanner is now discontinued and has been replaced by Zebra Barcode Scanner Kit DS9308 2D-SR USB/STR 2M BLK. Please click here to order the latest product.

The Zebra DS9208 is a next generation presentation barcode scanner that is equipped with advanced features required in modern retail environments. The model was previously known as Motorola DS9208 Barcode Scanner before Zebra Technologies acquired Motorola’s POS Business.

Zebra Symbol DS9208 features an ergonomic lightweight construction that doesn’t compromise on its functionality and reliability. It is capable of reading all - 1D, 2D and PDF barcodes, from standard paper labels or the screen of a smartphone, at a blazing fast speed without sacrificing scanning quality or performance. With a Symbol DS9208 scanner in place, retailers can improve their marketing efficiency by accepting gift coupons, loyalty and rewards cards. 

Unlike a single-line barcode scanner, the Zebra DS9208 (or Motorola DS9208) is an advanced presentation-style scanning model that does not need to be aligned at a certain angle to capture the barcode properly. This benefits retailers with a faster checkout at the POS station and increased customer satisfaction. In addition to its hands-free mode, the DS9208 consists of a scan button (trigger) that allows it to operate as a standard handheld scanner as well when the need be. This feature is quite helpful in situations that call for precise scanning.


  • Industry-leading scanning speed
  • True point-and-shoot scanning functionality
  • Both hands-free and handheld capability available
  • Decoding capability - 1D, 2D and PDF417
  • Drop spec - Withstands multiple 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete
  • Swipe speed (Vertical Read Rate): Up to 90 in./2.3 m per second
  • Image transfer speed: USB 2.0 - up to 12 Megabits/second, RS-232: Up to 115 kb/second
  • Normal working range:
    • Code 39 – 5 mil: 0 – 4.5 in. (0 – 11.4 cm)
    • UPC/EAN – 10 mil (80%): 0 – 8.5 in. (0 – 21.6 cm)
    • UPC/EAN – 13 mil (100%): 0 – 10.5 in. (0 – 26.7 cm)
    • PDF417 – 6.6 mil: 0 – 3.8 in. (0 – 9.6 cm)
    • Datamatrix – 10 mil: 0 – 4.7 in. (0 – 11.9 cm)
  • Minimum resolution: Code 39 – 4 mil
    • UPC – 7.8 mil (60%)
    • PDF417 – 5 mil
    • Datamatrix – 7.5 mil
    • QR Code – 7.5 mil
  • Multiple interfaces: RS232, USB, KBW (keyboard wedge), and more in one scanner
  • Compatible with Checkpoint EAS deactivation systems
  • Plug-and-play; universal cable practically eliminates setup and training
  • Support and Service Program - 3-year warranty


Whether you run a small boutique along the street or have a limited counterspace, the DS9208 barcode scanner boasts a compact and sleek design that can fit into the most space-constrained POS stations or work environments. It is armed with additional next generation technology and features, such as scanning from up to 10 inches away, scratch-resistant spherical exit window that reduces reflections on the image sensor to improve scanning performance, multiple 5ft/1.5m drop tolerance for increased durability, which makes the Zebra Symbol DS9208 a versatile barcode scanning solution.


Zebra DS9208 barcode scanner helps you save not only space, but also money. The device’s minimalist design and simplistic interface virtually eliminate all training-related costs. In addition, its ability to read all common types of barcodes - 1-D, 2-D and PDF, on a variety of surfaces, from paper labels to mobile phones, eliminates the need to invest in separate scanning devices, thus reducing operational costs. With integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) functionality, you do not have to purchase and manage a standalone EAS system. Zebra scanner management tools like RSM and 123Scan2 also contribute to great saving on costs related to management of your DS9208 scanners.


Nothing brings back customers like tempting discount coupons, reward cards and loyalty programs. Since today’s customers love the convenience of storing their event tickets, mobile gift cards, coupons, boarding passes, loyalty cards and other day-to-day essentials on mobile phones, merchants can drive and retain more customers and increase revenue with the Symbol DS9208 barcode scanner in place. The scanner allows you to read virtually any mobile bar codes and manage your business better while saving time and reducing hassle.

For instance, quick or takeaway-service restaurants can accept mobile coupons at the register. Pubs and cafes can allow guests to redeem reward points through loyalty cards stored on their cell phones, eliminating the need to carry physical cards and the chances of forgetting them at home. Movie theatres, theme parks, museums and stadiums can serve visitors with mobile tickets for a seamless experience.


With dual mode functionality – handsfree and handheld, the DS9208 reduces wait time for customers, streamlines the checkout process and saves your staff time. Switch to the handheld mode when you have heavy items to scan, reducing effort as well as the chances of injury. Use presentation-style (hands-free) functioning to keep long queues moving at the point of sale and deliver superior experiences with customer scanning applications such as kiosk (self-checkout) and digital loyalty programs.


Manufacturer: Zebra
Interface: USB
Form Factor: Omnidirectional
Barcodes: 2D
Scan Engine: 2D Area Imager
Brochure: Download