Discover Bixolon

At Bixolon, innovation and reliability come together to redefine the world of Point of Sale (POS) technology. With a rich legacy spanning years, Bixolon has established itself as a trusted global brand in the realm of POS solutions. Bixolon's commitment to excellence is evident in its diverse range of products designed to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance of your business operations.

A Multitude of Bixolon POS Products

Bixolon offers a comprehensive range of POS products tailored to cater to various business needs. Whether you're running a small retail store, a bustling restaurant, or managing a large-scale enterprise, Bixolon has a solution to streamline your transactions and elevate customer experiences. Our collection includes:

  • Bixolon Receipt Printers: Bixolon receipt printers deliver swift, high-quality printing for receipts, order slips, and more. With sleek designs and exceptional reliability, these printers are an ideal addition to any point of sale.
  • Bixolon Label Printers: For businesses requiring on-demand labelling, Bixolon Label printers provide precise and consistent label printing. From barcode labels to product tags, these printers ensure your inventory management is seamless.
  • Bixolon Mobile Printers: Stay connected on the go with Bixolon's mobile printers. These compact devices enable easy printing from mobile devices and tablets, enhancing your mobility while maintaining accuracy.
  • Bixolon Kiosks: Bixolon's kiosk printers are built to integrate flawlessly into self-service kiosk environments. Deliver information, tickets, or receipts to customers with speed and clarity.
  • Bixolon POS Accessories: Complete your POS setup with Bixolon's range of accessories, including paper rolls, cables, and more, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

  • Why Choose POS Plaza for POS Bixolon Solutions?

    At POS Plaza, we understand that finding the right POS solutions for your business is paramount. That's why we've partnered with Bixolon to offer you a curated selection of their best-in-class products. When you choose POS Plaza, you're choosing:

  • Expertise: Our team of experts is here to guide you through your purchase journey. We offer personalised recommendations based on your business requirements, ensuring you find the perfect fit.
  • Quality Assurance: Bixolon's reputation for quality aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering products that meet the highest standards. Rest assured, your investment in Bixolon products through POS Plaza is a testament to quality and reliability.
  • Variety: We offer an extensive selection of Bixolon POS products, allowing you to choose the exact solution that suits your needs, whether you're upgrading an existing system or starting fresh.
  • Customer Support: Your experience doesn't end at the checkout. We provide ongoing customer support to address any queries or issues you may encounter with your Bixolon products. Your success is our priority.

  • Explore the diverse range of Bixolon products we have to offer and experience seamless transactions, enhanced efficiency, and improved customer interactions. Choose POS Plaza for a partnership dedicated to your business growth and success.

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