Universal Tablet Alarmed Security Tether & Stand with Power Connector

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Incl.GST: $239.00
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Universal Security Tether 7 Stand with Power Connector & Alarm

  • Proven protection evolved for today’s tablets. Alarm-on-merchandise security and power for all tablets
  • Evolved to provide an even greater tablet experience. The new LTO3 provides outstanding security without intruding on the users experience trying out the merchandise. Light weight and unobtrusive, the LTO3 is the perfect solution for tablets and on display.


  • Installs in minutes, High stength stick down security for both counter mounting. Stick the base to the counter and tablet module to rear of tablet. Very high strength adhesive resists removal by hand. Adhesive does not leave residue on tablet or table.
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Power provided by connecting the LTO3 power lead to the USB port on your original tablet power supply.
  • Choose a compatible power connector from our dropdown list above to provide permanent power to the tablet(Apple and Micro USB powered products)
  • Lightweight and heavy duty cable allows 45cm of lift from the mounting surface
  • Unlike other tablet displays the alarm module is attached to tablet not the counter
  • Security is provided by tamper switches on the bottom of the mounting base and the rear of the tablet module. If the cord is cut this will also alarm the unit on the tablet.

What's in the Box:

  • Complete tablet stand and adhesives
  • Your choice of power connector for Apple or Micro USB connector tablets. 

When remerchandisíng the alarm module will alarm for three minutes then reset ready for use. To avoid the alarm you can purchase an IR Key from our dropdown above. Only one IR Key is required per site. The high strength adhesives must only be used once. Replacement adhesives can be purchased from iLocks. 

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