Evolis Primacy 2 Duplex Expert Printer – Production Pack USB & Ethernet, with Cardpresso XXS software licence + 100 CR-80 blank white PVC cards + 1 colour ribbon (200 prints)

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Primacy 2 Duplex Expert Printer USB & Ethernet Printer – Production Pack 

  • The Evolis Primacy2 card printer is a high-end ID Card Printer device that can produce secure printed ID plastic cards with cutting edge technologies. This flexible and easy to use ID Card Printer can be upgraded with cutting edge technologies like magnetic stripes (for added security), smart contacts plus 'smart contactless' encoding turning the Primacy2 Card Printer system into the ideal desktop solution for issuing accurate identity cards on demand!
  • High-performance Card Printer for today and the Future
    It's easy to see how Primacy 2 can meet your needs. It has so many features and options that you'll be able to do anything from adding double-sided printing, to 200 card feeder encoders lamination module LCD panel installation onsite all within the comfort of home!

  • The durability of Primacy 2 is achieved thanks to its robustness. That’s why we have optimized the printhead protection, giving it an even longer life and 3-year warranty as well! You can also opt for additional peace in mind with our standard extensions that will help you throughout your journey. A superior collection of card printing technology
    Rewrite printing technology, scanner, 200-card feeder, colorimetric profile, Kineclipse®, digital erasing, double overlay, UV effect. Never before have we seen so many features and options in a single card printer.


  • Edge-to-edge printing, single or double-sided*
  • Color sublimation / monochrome thermal transfer
  • Rewrite technology for rewritable cards
  • Up to 280 cards per hour (color printing, single-sided)
  • 100 or 200-card feeder* (200-card feeder can be integrated on site)
  • 300 dpi
  • Color adjustment via color profile
  • Multiple encoding options
  • Printing of UV effect*
  • Double layer overlay*
  • Scanner*
  • Data deletion and scrambling with digital erasing & Kineclipse®*
  • Mechanical locking of the printer by key*
  • LED panel or LCD* screen with QR code display for operating assistance
  • Evolis Premium Suite with optimized user experience on Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Printing from smartphone and tablet
  • Card personalization software
  • Print head with reinforced protection
  • 3-year warranty
  • Timeless and elegant shape
  • Compact

What's included:

  • Primacy 2 Simplex Expert Printer –USB & Ethernet
  • Cardpresso XXS software licence
  • 100 CR-80 blank white PVC cards
  • 1 colour ribbon (200 prints)

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Manufacturer: Evolis
Interface: USB
Interface: Ethernet
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