Cino F-560 Linear Barcode Scanner

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The CINO F-560 series Linear Imager is a low cost linear Imager scanner which was designed to replace traditional low cost Contact Scanners. The scanner is a very good and aggressive scanner which can read near contact to about 25 cm at the same cost as the old contact scanner.

  • Handheld Linear Imager Scanner.

  • Sharp Aiming Line.

  • Fast Decoding Rate.

  • Optical and Audible Read Confirmation.(Optional).

  • Exceptional Read Performance.

  • Manual, Presentation Mode or Auto Trigger.

  • User replaceable interface cable.

  • Powerful, Flexible Architecture.

  • Available in Black and light grey (Light Grey only available on special order).

Manufacturer: Cino
Form Factor: Handheld
Barcodes: 1D
Scan Engine: Linear Imager
Brochure: Download

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