Zebra M-300 Electronic Temperature Sensor, Includes Battery and Internal Sensor, -40/+85°C

Excl.GST: $208.18
Incl.GST: $229.00

M-300 Electronic Temperature Sensor with battery and internal sensor -40/+85°C 1/box

  • With mobile connectivity and data-sharing capabilities, Zebra’s portable, wireless electronic temperature sensors deliver exceptionally versatile and effective monitoring of temperature-sensitive products throughout production, storage and cold-chain shipping. They give users greater control to capture temperature readings and help protect temperature-sensitive products from damaging exposure, which can cause product loss, deterioration of efficacy, and harmful effects to consumers.
  • Zebra devices are Bluetooth enabled, allowing data to be retrieved and recorded through packing materials, vehicles, cold-chain equipment and temperature-controlled rooms, making data access faster and easier while helping to maintain environmental integrity. Zebra’s EDGEVue app enables easy setup, monitoring and tracking of sensors, while EDGECloud™ services provide wireless, cloud-based data-sharing, storage, and reporting for compliance or analysis.
  • Highly customizable, Zebra’s electronic temperature sensors can be configured for each cold-chain shipment or storage environment, giving users a wide range of options and controls over settings to increase automation, speed processes and add greater reliability in the end-to-end monitoring of temperature-sensitive products.

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Manufacturer: Zebra