Zebra Printhead Cleaning Pens Box of 12

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Zebra Printhead Cleaning Pens Box of 12

  • The printer quality can be affected by a dirty or dusty environment or even incorrectly matched label and ribbon
    combination. It is always recommended to use the minimum amount of darkness setting / burn temperature and
    printhead pressure as this can help maximise the life of the printhead.
  • If a printhead is not cleaned as a regular routine the print quality can be affected, users tend to automatically
    increase the temperature and this can cause a residue to be left burnt onto the printhead, Zebra generally
    recommends that the print head and platen roller be cleaned after every roll of ribbon or if the print quality has
    been affected.
  • The preventative cleaning schedule for your printer model is found in your printer’s user guide under the
    preventative maintenance section

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Manufacturer: Zebra

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