Tipro Free Range TM KMQ-128A

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Multifunctional, fully programmable modular keyboard with QWERTY layout and 48 free programmable. For professional commercial use, e.g. in Point-of-Service (POS).

  • Programmable keyboard.

  • QWERTY Section 5 Bottom Rows.

  • 48 free programmable clear capped keys on upper 3 rows.

  • Easy to use software utility.

  • Mechanical keys (Cherry MX) with ergonomic tactile feedback for frequent/intensive type

  • Different keycap sizes available (single, double horizontal, double vertical, quadruple, blind)

  • Programmable keys: two-part keycap structure, body & cover.

  • Various colours of keycap bodies and keycap covers available.

  • Available with PS2/RS232 or USB Controller or without controller to connect to other Free range keyboard with a controller.

  • Programmable key contents/codes (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+F5) emulating standard keyboard entry.

  • All key contents permanently stored in internal non-volatile memory of the Tipro controller.

  • Keyboards can be Customized with pad-printed key inscriptions on keycap bodies and/or covers.

  • Available in Black or other range of colours by special order only.

  • 329mm (W) x 222mm (D) x 42mm (H).

  • Minimum order quantities apply for customized keyboard layouts.

Manufacturer: Tipro