Intermec Cleaning Card Printer 25 PK 4IN

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Intermec Cleaning Card Printer 25 PK 4IN

  • Abrasive Cleaning Card Usage to Avoid Thermal Print-head Failure
  • Problem Description/Purpose:
    Printhead buildup is the result the media sticking as it passes across the line of thermal heater elements. Sources of
    buildup are;
    • Thermal transfer ribbon backcoats
    • Flexographic printing inks or varnishes.
    • Direct thermal dyes/topcoats.
    • Linerless release coatings.
    • High print energy
  • Cumulative buildup will have a negative impact on print quality and the life of a thermal print head. Excessive
    buildup on the surface of the print-head insulates the heating elements from the media.
  • The result is an overall degradation in print quality, and a reduction in the heat dissipation from the print head.
    This can cause excessive thermal stress on the heating elements, leading to premature head failure.
  • Customers will try to compensate for weaker print by turning up the print energy. This will add to the thermal stress
    to the print-head.
  • It is also common for a print-head to be replaced because isopropyl alcohol alone will not effectively remove
  • An abrasive cleaning card is an effective tool for removing buildup and restoring printhead performance. These
    cleaning cards utilize a plastic film coated with very fine aluminum oxide particles designed to scrape away buildup.

NOTE: The abrasive card is not a replacement for isopropyl alcohol cards, or a swab soaked with isopropyl alcohol.
Isopropyl alcohol is still recommended for cleaning and removing paper dust, adhesive, and other debris from printheads and platen rollers.

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Manufacturer: Intermec