Honeywell Barcode Scanner Kit XENON XP 1950G 2D-SR USB BLK

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Honeywell Barcode Scanner Kit XENON XP 1950G

  • Efficient and fast, and designed to facilitate quick checkouts and scanning, the Honeywell Barcode Scanner Kit XENON XP 1950G can even decode damaged and difficult to read barcodes. Capable of scanning from close up and from a distance, it is a great option for retailers, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and warehouses.
  • From the Honeywell Xenon Extreme Performance (XP) series of barcode scanners with superior capabilities comes the Xenon XP 1950G that delivers top class durability. It can withstand drops, tumbles, water, and dust, resulting in minimum downtime and servicing requirements. With sleek exteriors and compact design, it is easy to handle for employees, and can be setup for handsfree or handheld use. The scanner supports host system interfaces of USB, keyboard wedge, and RS 232 for direct integration with your POS system.
  • If you are looking for a reliable barcode scanner that can decode any type of 1D or 2D barcode, printed or digital, then the Xenon XP 1950G is a great option. 


  • Dimensions: 104.1 mm (4.1 in) L x 71.1 mm (2.8 in) W x 160 mm (6.3 in) H
  • Weight: 147.42 g (5.2 oz)
  • Scan Pattern: Area Image (1280 x 800 pixel array)
  • Host System Interfaces: USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, RS485 support for TGCS (IBM) 46XX
  • Decode Capabilities: Reads standard 1D, PDF, 2D, Postal Digimarc, DOT Code, and OCR symbologies
  • Print Contrast: 20% minimum reflectance difference
  • Motion Tolerance: Up to 400 cm/s (157 in/s) for 13 mil UPC at optimal focus
  • Operating Power (Charging) Bases: 2.5W (500 mA @ 5V DC)
  • User Indicators: Good Decode LEDs, Rear View LEDs, Beeper (adjustable tone and volume), Vibration (optional)
  • Tumble: 2,000 0.5 m (1.6 ft) tumbles (impacts)
  • Drop: Engineered to withstand 50 1.8 m (6 ft) drops to concrete
  • Light Levels: 0 to 100,000 lux (9,290 foot-candles)

What's in the Box:

  • Honeywell Barcode Scanner Kit XENON XP 1950G
  • 3m straight cable
  • User Manual


  • The Honeywell Xenon XP 1950G is optimised for scanning a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes, including QR codes, PDF, Postal Digimarc, DOT Code, and OCR symbologies. The scanning process is simple and can be used on any damaged or poor-quality barcodes on printed or digital surfaces.
  • Utilising area image scanning pattern with a 1280 x 800 pixel array it has a motion tolerance of up to 400 cm per second. The compatible scanning angles range from horizontal 46° to 48° and vertical to 29° to 30°.


  • With superior scanning performance that is fast and accurate, you can offer your customers fast transactions, and prevent your employees from having to scan a single code multiple time. The Honeywell Operational Intelligence software provides on-demand scanning insights for increased productivity.
  • Multiple user indicators such as good decode LEDs, rear view LEDs, beeper with adjustable tone and volume, and optional vibration, enable speedy and effortless scanning. Able to scan from a distance, the scanning process becomes faster giving optimum output.


  • Robust in build, the Honeywell Xenon XP 1950G is highly durable resulting in minimum downtime and interruptions. It can withstand up to 50 drops at 1.8 m (6 ft) and 2,000 tumbles at 0.5 m (1.6 ft), and is equipped with a IP52 ingress rating for water and dust tolerance.
  • The barcode scanner can be cleaned and disinfected as often as desired without hampering performance. Storage temperatures are -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) and operating temperatures are 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) with 0% to 95% non-condensing relative humidity.

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Manufacturer: Honeywell
Form Factor: Handheld
Interface: USB
Scan Engine: 2D Area Imagers

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